Thursday, November 8, 2012

Girlfriend in a box

 Since I am in a long distance relationship, little gifts sent in the mail here and there mean a lot to my boyfriend and I. Just things to remind each other that we are thinking of them. And it's always fun to get something in the mail!

I wanted to send my boyfriend a "girlfriend in a box." in the mail, once I started creating it.. I figured it would be too heavy to mail! So I am giving it to him this weekend in person.

Random objects that "represent" something
Tape, Paper, and a box!

My random objects include:
Gum "Fresh"
Chapstick "reliable"
Hand Sanitizer "Clean & healthy"
Candle "Vanilla"
Tissues "Soft"
Alcohol "Fun"
Matches "Spark"
A Movie "Cozy"
Sour gummy worms "Sweet & Sour"
First Aid Kit "Healing"
Kit Kat "Chocolatey"
Sour Straw "Sour"
San Diego Key Chain "San Diego"
Stuffed animal "Comfort"
Picture of us "Love"
Undies "Sexy"

I cut out little hearts to label each object with what they represent

I used the remaining pieces of pink paper (from heart cut out's) to decorate the box!

I created a piece of paper that had all of the hearts written down.

Here are some final pictures of all of the objects together :)

:) Jae

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