Thursday, November 8, 2012

Girlfriend in a box

 Since I am in a long distance relationship, little gifts sent in the mail here and there mean a lot to my boyfriend and I. Just things to remind each other that we are thinking of them. And it's always fun to get something in the mail!

I wanted to send my boyfriend a "girlfriend in a box." in the mail, once I started creating it.. I figured it would be too heavy to mail! So I am giving it to him this weekend in person.

Random objects that "represent" something
Tape, Paper, and a box!

My random objects include:
Gum "Fresh"
Chapstick "reliable"
Hand Sanitizer "Clean & healthy"
Candle "Vanilla"
Tissues "Soft"
Alcohol "Fun"
Matches "Spark"
A Movie "Cozy"
Sour gummy worms "Sweet & Sour"
First Aid Kit "Healing"
Kit Kat "Chocolatey"
Sour Straw "Sour"
San Diego Key Chain "San Diego"
Stuffed animal "Comfort"
Picture of us "Love"
Undies "Sexy"

I cut out little hearts to label each object with what they represent

I used the remaining pieces of pink paper (from heart cut out's) to decorate the box!

I created a piece of paper that had all of the hearts written down.

Here are some final pictures of all of the objects together :)

:) Jae

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Creative Balloon Date Night

I wanted to plan something sweet for my boyfriend... A creative date night. I had too many different fun ideas for things we could go do (bowling, minigolf, beach, dinner, movie, dessert etc), so I had to minimize them!

I came up with 4 main ideas:
(1) Active activity (free)
(2) Fun date activity ($)
(3) Dinner
(4) Dessert

Then I came up with two different options for each of these main ideas.
Activity: Smash ball or Smash ball ( I obviously wanted to play smashball)
Date activity: Mini golf/Bowling or Wine, chocolate & board games cozy at home.
Dinner: Go out to dinner, or cook together at home
Dessert: Frozen yogurt or Ice Cream

I created these pieces of paper:

8 ballons (4 different colors) Each color represented the 4 main ideas:
Two green balloons: each held one activity option
Two pink balloons: each held one dinner option
Two blue balloons: each held one dessert option

Place each option in the balloons, then inflate. REMEMBER which color represents what activity.. so you can tell him/her which color to pick from.. and the date can play out in the correct order :)
Throughout the night I would tell him to pick one of the blue balloons, or one of the pink balloons..etc, and that would determine what our next destination/activity was :)

I also gave him small gifts throughout the night.. we played with them while we waited for our ice cream :)

Our night played out as follows.
We went to the park and played smash ball. I packed fruits and veggies to snack on, and we had a little mini picnic at the park

Then we went mini golfing :)
And went out to dinner at malabar in downtown Santa Cruz.
We ended our night with ice cream from Mariannes in Santa Cruz.

At the end of the night I let him pop the 4 left over balloons to see what the other options were.
It was an amazing night, we had a lot of fun being "spontaneous" and I always love planning creative things for him!

Random Goodies

This painting took a long time to finally figure out what I wanted to do. It started out as one thing, but ended as this. 
Matches my bedding :)

Chocolate covered frozen bananas. Oh my goodness, these are delicious! They taste like chocolate banana flavored icecream. Must try!

Birthday Cards

More Birthday cards. Mothers day, my dad's birthday, and my step dads birthday are all within two weeks of each other.

Put this at the back of a birthday card :
Made this at the beach, and sent it to my mom for mothers day, she kept it as her phone background for so long.. haha not the most attractive thing, but she loved the thought.

Melted heart

My little brother and I wanted to be crafty, so we got some inspiration from pinterest as usual, and created a melted crayon.... "master piece?"

Materials: Crayons, White Canvas, Blow Dryer, hot glue gun.

Step 1: Remove all paper from crayons

 Step 2: Break Crayons into smaller pieces
 Step 3: Use hot glue gun to glue crayons on canvas in a design that you desire.
Step 4: Get your blow dryer ready! Blow dry the crayons in the direction you want them to melt in.
It takes a little while for the crayons to start melting. Keep in mind that you can always change the direction of "melt"

We ended up giving it to my sister for christmas, she was kind enough to hang it up in her apartment :)

Get Well Soon Card

My friend kevin had knee surgery, a bunch of us made cards for him and surprised him at yogurtland :)
I found this idea on pinterest.
Materials: Mod Podge, and a card of your choice.
Googley eyes, Q-tips or paint brush for glue,  & bandaids
Step 1: glue eyes to bandaid
Step 2: create matted background
Step 3: Attach the background to a folded paper

My roommate and obviously both used pinterest for inspiration... We ended up with the same card :)

Happy Birthday Card

My mom's birthday was on Halloween, I sent her a birthday card. Got part of the "design" from pinterest (can't find the link now)

 Then I saw this card on pinterest Which gave me the idea for this side of the card:

Unfortunately I was unable to spend her birthday with her :) But I send my love in other ways, I always enjoy making my mom cards.

Mothers Day Card

A Mothers Day gift for my lovely mother. I created a "brochure" style card of all of the things I'd hoped to do over the summer with her. Had fun with the colors and doodles all over the card.

The pictures include: Going to the farmers market, cooking, running, and starting a compost system at home.
The little random doodles include: New summer Toms,  Watching documentaries on netflix, Cleaning out the food pantry, and hanging with our dog moose :)

I mailed the card to my mom for mothers day, and she absolutely loved it. I'd hoped that she might frame it. But I have yet to see it hanging on the wall! Oh well, it was a fun relaxing time for me! :)