Sunday, November 4, 2012

Creative Balloon Date Night

I wanted to plan something sweet for my boyfriend... A creative date night. I had too many different fun ideas for things we could go do (bowling, minigolf, beach, dinner, movie, dessert etc), so I had to minimize them!

I came up with 4 main ideas:
(1) Active activity (free)
(2) Fun date activity ($)
(3) Dinner
(4) Dessert

Then I came up with two different options for each of these main ideas.
Activity: Smash ball or Smash ball ( I obviously wanted to play smashball)
Date activity: Mini golf/Bowling or Wine, chocolate & board games cozy at home.
Dinner: Go out to dinner, or cook together at home
Dessert: Frozen yogurt or Ice Cream

I created these pieces of paper:

8 ballons (4 different colors) Each color represented the 4 main ideas:
Two green balloons: each held one activity option
Two pink balloons: each held one dinner option
Two blue balloons: each held one dessert option

Place each option in the balloons, then inflate. REMEMBER which color represents what activity.. so you can tell him/her which color to pick from.. and the date can play out in the correct order :)
Throughout the night I would tell him to pick one of the blue balloons, or one of the pink balloons..etc, and that would determine what our next destination/activity was :)

I also gave him small gifts throughout the night.. we played with them while we waited for our ice cream :)

Our night played out as follows.
We went to the park and played smash ball. I packed fruits and veggies to snack on, and we had a little mini picnic at the park

Then we went mini golfing :)
And went out to dinner at malabar in downtown Santa Cruz.
We ended our night with ice cream from Mariannes in Santa Cruz.

At the end of the night I let him pop the 4 left over balloons to see what the other options were.
It was an amazing night, we had a lot of fun being "spontaneous" and I always love planning creative things for him!

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